Our Mission: Find the Perfect Fit

Since 2000, our mission has been to find the “perfect fit” between employer and employee.  Our goal is to match every employee we meet with the right employer. Many job candidates may possess the skills to do the job but they may not be the right fit for the company’s culture. This part of the match is very important to us. For employees, we want to know what working environment is best suited to your personality type, so we take time to learn about how you work.

On the employer side, we meet with every business we represent.  This gives us a clear picture of the environment and the type of person who will be “the perfect match” for you. We rely on instincts often, but above all we listen to the needs of both parties.

Confidentiality is also a priority for us.  You can confide in us – we want to know everything you want or don’t want in a job or an employee, and we will make sure your concerns are addressed. It’s our job to take the worry out of the process.