For Santa Fe Employers

Hiring a new employee can be a challenge. Finding and training them takes a lot of time and money. And too often, a culture mismatch or gap in their skill set means the new hire doesn’t work out.

That’s why we do things differently. We are a small, carefully run boutique placement agency, and we want to stay that way. Before we start looking at resumes, we’ll talk to you at length about your business, your goals and your immediate needs. We will only send you someone we think can become a key employee for years to come. We want to find the perfect match, both for you and for the employee.

The real difference in our service is that we listen. We build a long-term partnership with you, not just grab a quick fee. Our best clients become friends, and we delight in watching their businesses grow.

Permanent Work

Are you ready for a hire? It’s a big step, but we can find you an employee that you’ll wish you’d hired sooner. Let’s talk.

Call us at 505-995-0404.

Temporary Work

Need someone for one day, or a week? Or want someone to work full-time for a few weeks? A temporary position is the right choice. Temporary and part-time employment openings are also ideal for screening employees for full-time positions.

Call us at 505-995-0404.